Friday, July 17, 2015


I've been struggling lately.  There.  I said it.  It's out there.  My heart has been pricked and I feel I'm supposed to DO something....but I don't know what that is.  Let me start at the beginning....

A friend of mine recently started being the pastor of a local church.  He's a part time pastor and the congregation is small.  But they are certainly mighty.  Their church is involved in a couple very successful local ministries - one being a meal program where they provide a free meal once a week to the poor, lonely, and/or homeless and the other is a clothing "closet" (that is so much more than just clothing - they can get clothes, household items, etc).  They also take those plastic grocery bags that we all just throw away or use as trash can liners and weave mats for the homeless.  And they give mattresses.  He shared with me about a couple who were at one of the meals - a young, unmarried couple.  She was obviously pregnant.  And they had no vehicle.  They walked to the church.  And when they walked back "home" then went behind a store to a dumpster....a dumpster they called home.

That has chilled me to the bone.  I sit here and look at what I have - the stuff - and yet within 3 miles of me is a couple living in a dumpster. 

I'm not wealthy by any means.  We don't own a home.  I drive a car that is rusting out from under me and will be 20 years old if it makes it to next year.  I don't wear designer clothes.  I don't carry a designer purse.  I have 3 pairs of shoes.  I don't own a smart phone or android but use a prepaid cell for emergencies only. We don't go on vacations because we just can't afford them.  But I do have a roof over my head.  And I do have food on the table.  Lord knows I get enough to eat - too much!  I sleep in a bed.  And 3 miles away from me is a couple living in a dumpster.

I have a craft room full of stamps and paper and markers and embellishments.  I have a couple drawers full of yarn.  I have a sewing machine.  And 3 miles away from me a couple is living in a dumpster.

How is it that we can overlook those who are in such need?  How is it that I can overlook those in such need?  How can I justify buying one more thing that I don't need when 3 miles away from me a couple is living in a dumpster.

I know I keep saying that....but it has touched a part of my soul that is aching.  It has made me realize not only how blessed I am, but how because of that blessing I should be doing something to help those around me.  But what can I do?  This is my struggle.  I don't know what to do.  I don't know where to start.  What can one person do?  But I know that God is calling me to something.  I can feel it in my soul. 

It's even got me to thinking about this blog.  What is it supposed to be?  I started off thinking it was a creative outlet for cards.  But can it be more?  And if so - what is that?  I'm not sure where this is going.  I guess I just wanted to share my heart and let you know why I have been MIA lately.  I'm praying about where to go from here.  I'm asking God to show me what He wants me to do.  I'm asking Him about this blog too.  I'm praying for an answer.  Stay tuned.