Friday, October 17, 2014

More catching up....

Yep - I'm catching up again....this time it is a card kit that was sent to me by my very good friend - Ginny.  Ginny has a fabulous blog with lots of freebies:  Maxam Made.  You'll keep going back again and again - believe me.  Ginny sent me the kit gee, I think over a month ago...and so since I've been on vacation this week I've been able to use it.  Here's the cards I made using the great images and papers she sent:

The only coloring I did was on the blue flower on the third card.  All the other images Ginny printed in color.

Thank you, Ginny, for the wonderful kit - and making me go outside my box using images that I normally would not use....Love them!!!!

Just a thought:

What a great promise!!!

Thanks for stopping by today...God bless you!!!!!

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Winnie said...

Just beautiful cards, Zella. Such lovely images she printed, and lovely messages for all.