Saturday, January 26, 2013


Have I mentioned that we have several critters that live with and around us?  While I don't have a card to post about cats, I just had to share some of the pictures of our little ones....

This is Boots - he's 7 years old.  We got him from the pound.  Now the day we went to get a kitten I knew exactly what I wanted.  I went to get a little grey girl kitten.  They had a lot of kitties, and they even had little grey ones, but there were 3 little grey kittens all in one cage that were siblings and I couldn't just take one.  So I passed that cage and then I saw Boots.  There he was - rubbing up against the front bars of his cage.  They asked if I wanted to hold him and as soon as they put him in my arms he started purring.  Well, who could say no to a little purring Boots?  I was hooked. 

Our next addition came a year later.  Cosmo started hanging out in our yard and we felt so bad for her so we started to feed her.  She was a feral cat and wouldn't even come to the porch until we were back in the house.  SLOWLY she started to trust us and eventually let Russ even pet her (he would go out and sit with her outside).  It was the Fall and with October being Halloween, we didn't want her out and about anymore so we opened our door one day and she came in...and before she had a chance to turn and run we shut the door!  She did freak out - but little Boots went over and pushed one of his toys over towards her - it was one of the cutest things we ever saw!  We thought Cosmo was a boy at first and started calling her Cosmo because she always looked so scared and had that odd look to her - she reminded us of Cosmo Kramer on Seinfield.  LOL!!  Then when we got her inside we realized she was a girl.  She's 6 years old now.

Lastly, there are 6 outside that we feed.  They are all feral cats.  One is the mommy kitty and then two of her kittens from 2011 and 3 of her kittens from 2012.  The three from this past year we have named Sammy, Midnight, and Junior.  They live at our home and the others just come to eat  The 3 kittens live in boxes we had built for them (on our porch).  Junior is very shy and we haven't been able to get a picture of him yet.  But here is Sammy and Midnight.

So those are the reason that I have a mug at work that says "Crazy Cat Lady".  LOL!!

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh I am so sorry!! I forgot to come visit your blog!! I'm not a cat fan...haha. But they always seem to like me! They are like that, right? haha