Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I made a quilt!

I always wanted to learn to make quilts, but I can't sew.  My mom used to try to teach me to sew every so often.  It would end with her in tears and me frustrated and aggravated and giving up.  About 5 or 6 years ago I decided I would teach myself to sew.  Now if I haven't ever mentioned it before, I have the most amazing husband!  He supports me in whatever crazy scheme I come up with next.  So when I decided I wanted to sew, we trotted off to the store and bought a sewing machine.  Since I have this "all-or-nothing" type personality, within several weeks I not only had the sewing machine, but about 30 patterns and lots of fabric and stuff to go with it.  Now remember - I haven't ever sewn a thing!  So what did I decide was going to be my first project?  Not something simple like a pillow.  No, I decided to make a teddy bear for my first granddaughter.  I did get it done.  But it looked like a giant mouse.  Oh well, she was a baby and didn't know the difference.  LOL!!  So on to the, it's not a "real" quilt.  It's a card.  I made this card for the Use it Tuesday Challenge.  The challenge was to make a card using red, yellow, or orange.  I got into my scrap stash and found I had all three colors - so a quilt it is!


Stephanie U said...

The quilt look is perfect for this card using your scraps! Thanks for playing along with us at UIT!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh, I know you can make a fabric quilt!! Try it, try it!! haha I made many out of old jeans. They are super simple...and great for the car...or the kids' beds!