Sunday, July 14, 2013

That paper?

It's been looking at me for years....that paper.  You know the kind - the paper that came in that pack you bought years liked most of it but there were just those few sheets that weren't your style at all...that you never could figure out why you saved it.  Well, I have some of those....more than I care to admit.  And since I can't seem to throw anything away - I've had it for years.  And today was the day!

I'm in a monthly swap over at SCS that is for 10 cards.  They must be postal by the 15th of every month.  So guess when I thought about them?  TODAY!  Yep - the 14th.  So I quickly tried to wrap my head around what to do.... life has been crazy the last few days as we trapped a couple feral kittens and they are living in my craft room so I haven't been able to be in there for any real time.... and these cards just slipped my mind.  So I went to my room and grabbed the first pack of paper I saw and there it was - THAT PAPER.  So why not - I didn't have anything else to lose and I knew I wasn't going to be doing image on the card - just a sentiment.  So now 3 sheets of THAT PAPER are gone!   (Sorry about the picture being fuzzy - I took it and then bundled up the cards for they are sealed and when I opened the picture to do this post - the picture was fuzzy.  UGH!!  But maybe you won't notice the paper that way.  LOL!!).

And just in case you wondered who is living in my craft room right now (the one on the left found a home today but the one on the right is still with us):
Want a kitten? :)
Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a very blessed day!!!!


Laura said...

Oh gosh, Zella, I had to laugh because I have THAT paper, too! That SAME EXACT paper!! I used to buy those huge packs when I first started paper crafting, and they still sit, mostly unused! What a shame! It's so great you were able to use yours! I really love how you put this together, and I think a simple sentiment was definitely the way to go!

MiamiKel said...

Aw, I have to LOL as I have that same paper pack, and probably had it just as long! Good for you for taking it out and using it up! And omgosh, the kitties!!! I so wish we could have one - dh is highly allergic but the kids and I would jump at the chance to be a mommy cat :) Your card is fabby - 10 cards, wow, You Go Girl!

Karen said...

Lovely cards Zella and I know the feeling about paper just sitting there. Isn't there a game or something? You know, who ever has the most paper wins. I have started using mine for wrapping gifts. It works.

Julie Short said...

How brave Zella! The feral cats we hear here are indeed fierce! Good on you for using That paper - gives you a chance to enjoy the Next one!
Now relax and have some fun!

Glenda Atkins said...

Good for you catching those kitties and finding them homes. Love the card and the paper is quite fine:O) We all have those papers sitting in the paper stack waiting to be used; I have started taking my 12 x12 never been used papers and making envelopes out of them. Just match their colour tone to that of my card and it is good to go!

Dawn Barrett said...

ooh the aqua and orange combo...fab circles!